Shunamite Behind Blue Eyes

Photo courtesy of Stacey Cochrane

Variety: Black

Date of birth: 23/04/2011

Origin: Alison at Shunamite Stud

Name: Named after the Who song. YouTube (Although, I admit, I prefer the Limp Bizkit version!) YouTube

Parents: Shunamite Heart of the house, Shunamite Echoes of abandon

About: Blue came to me as a friend for Baba, and to hopefully cement the 'tabi' temperament in future incarnations of my line. He is a stunningly beautiful young man, and has slotted in beautifully with my bigger boys. I can see a future Alpha in the making!

Breeding status: Potential Breeding

Carrying: Dumbo


Pedigree: Shunamite Behind Blue Eyes