Lilliput Mercy Me

Variety: Black Dumbo

Date of birth: 12/11/2010

Origin: Born at Lilliput

Name: Named after the Alkaline trio song. YouTube

Parents: Atlas Daryan's Razzle Dazzle, Shunamite Pinball Wizard

About: Mercy was part of the first litter born at Lilliput, and is an utterly beautiful doe, who won best in show at a NERS show (then someone decided to cut her ear for her... thus ending her show career, grr!) She is one of the sweetest does i've ever had the pleasure of looking after, and she is so like her mum!

Breeding status: Proven

Carrying: Russian Blue, Mink, Chocolate

Litters: LR004

Pedigree: Lilliput Mercy Me